The Industrial Park

The city's first park was named the Industrial Park, known today as the Boy Scout Park. The Industrial Park was the envy of many small towns. It was a beautiful park with many shade trees and a small creek running through it. It was a great place to entertain large crowds or to just relax and enjoy the scenery of the park. The park boasted a bandstand which was the pride of the Lamont community and the envy of towns around. It was constructed of cement block and stone and had a wooden cone shaped roof with a flag pole in the center of it. It was completed in September of 1909. In 1952 the park became known as the Boy Scout Park. The Scout building was completed in the fall of 1952. The lumber was donated by Fred Draper. The building was not only home to the boy scouts but it also could be rented for activities such as weddings, graduations, and other special occasions. The bandstand was no longer the crown jewel of the park. It fell into disrepair and was removed in 1990. A new gazebo was built in its place. $1,400.00 was donated for this project in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sandhagen.